Where does the Antichrist live today?

Posted: December 4, 2012 in religion

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Micah 5:5 tells us in the context of the end times, “When the Assyrian comes into our land…”  Later on verse six says, “Thus He shall deliver us from the Assyrian…”  As stated earlier this is all in context of the end  times, chapter five of Micah is all about the coming Messiah and how He will deliver Israel from the Antichrist.

Daniel 11 calls the Antichrist the King of the North.  As the King of the North with will rule a kingdom reminiscent to the Seleucid kingdom that formed after Alexander the Great died and had his kingdom divided.  The old Seleucid kingdom would include modern day: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and a small part of Iran.  What does this mean?  The Antichrist will arise from an area where all these countries somehow intersect.

Micah 5:5,6 alludes to this Assyrian coming from Nineveh.  This would be modern day Iraq.  Interestingly enough Iraq is the country with the highest population of Assyrians.  He will conqueror countries in the Middle East which will most likely be Syria and Saudi Arabia (Daniel 11:41 8:9).

The Antichrist will be a counterfeit messiah for people living in the Tribulation.  Just like there will be a counterfeit trinity, Satan the father, Antichrist the son, and false prophet the holy spirit.  As the Holy Spirit points us to worship of the Son, the false prophet points people to worship the Antichrist in the last 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation.

It will be a difficult period of time, however, you can escape the coming judgment by only believing in Jesus for eternal life (John 6:47).  God Bless

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  1. A fascinating hypothesis indeed! Specially when we are a mere 16 days away from 21st December 2012, the Mayan prophesied endgame.

    If one were to review the current situation in the indicated area, Syria seems to be the most likely place from where the forecasted conflagration may start. But who could be the Anti-Christ I wonder?


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