Will America go to War against Syria?

Posted: September 2, 2013 in religion



Will America go to war with Syria?  It is a question I have been hearing since John Kerry’s speech last week.  While this is a good question to ask, it is not the right question to be asking.  The right question is why strike now?

It is interesting to watch America now all of a sudden become interested in what is happening in Syria.  In the past I think America would have already somehow been involved.  However, I was under the impression that President Obama was more interested in bringing troops home than sending them out.  What does this tell me?  There is something to be gained by America in order for us to get involved in another war.  What is that?  I do not believe it is just oil, I think it is something more.  It is influence.  America has lost it’s influence in the Middle East.  Whoever has the most influence in the affairs of the Middle East is the world power.  It is the reason why Russia has been sending aid to Syria.  Of course whoever, has the most influence has control or say in what happens with the oil.  America might be making efforts to limit it’s oil usage, but the rest of the world will always need it.

Another reason could be that a war will distract the American public from the poor economy and Obamacare.  However, I doubt that is really the reason.  Nevertheless, the timing could not be better for Obama.

Will this spark World War III?  No.  If Russia were to come to the aid of President Assad, they still do not have the military might to match the UN and America.  Putin has spoken out against American involvement in Syria.  On a side note it seems likely that America and Russia are headed towards new a Cold War.

Here is a timeless truth, whoever controls or has influence in the Middle East always seems to make the rest of the world stop and listen.  Syria is in a key location.  Assad is going to be eventually overthrown, that is what happens to dictators.  America wants to have a seat at the table, much like Russia is attempting, however,  when the music stops whoever does not is left out and that could have dreadful economic ramifications.

Getting back to the question of this blog, will America go to war with Syria?  I think so.  Even if congress does not approve, I think the President will realize that he needs to get involved in order for America to stake it’s claim in the new Syrian government.  It will be interesting to watch what happens.  God’s plan is unfolding before the world’s eyes.

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